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Pre-Check Subfloor LevelBefore You Renovate!

Things are looking up!

You’re house value is soaring through the roof, and now it seems like the perfect time to finally get around to sprucing up the bathrooms and kitchens – you know this is going to add more value to your prized asset. You noticed a few minor cracks in certain areas of the house but the valuer said it’s nothing to worry about….Sound familiar?

There’s no doubt that upgrading an old space into something more desirable is going to make the house more enjoyable to live in, and not to mention increase its overall value! However, those hair line cracks in the corners and brick works may be more than meets the eye.

Hair line cracks in brick work or corners of doorways are often signs that the underlying foundations have slowly began to shift over time and are in need of repair. Left un-checked, those hair line cracks will only get worse and could eventually cost dearly. The GOOD news is that it can be easily fixed with Sydney House Levelling’s team of experienced house levelling experts. With over 20 years of experience, the team at Sydney House Levelling have been preventing further damage to sloping house across Sydney. After an initial assessment, the team will diagnose the issues and can offer you a solution almost immediately. From there most issues can be solved within a day or two.

So before you decide to renovate, make sure the ground is level first, the last thing you want to happen is needing the entire new renovation ripped up due to poor foundation. Call the team at Sydney House Levelling and they can offer you peace of mind knowing the your home is safe and secure and up to code.

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