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Resin Injection Sydney

Resin Injection

Resin injection is a method for stabilizing foundation soils that have been disturbed or damaged by groundwater, seepage, or erosion. It involves injecting a mixture of cement and water into the ground. The result is a strong, durable barrier that prevents further damage to the foundation by water seepage or erosion.

  • Resin injection is another method you can use for sealing leaks and cracks, but it’s more effective with larger openings than water stop injections are. In order to complete this type of repair, it’s important that all surfaces around your leaky area first be cleaned thoroughly with an abrasive sponge so no debris remains on them before injecting resin into them. Then begin by mixing resin with clean water until they’re thoroughly mixed together before pumping them into place until all bubbles have been removed from beneath your slab surface while simultaneously brushing against its underside as you go (this helps remove any air pockets).



Resin injection is a type of process that is used to repair cracks in concrete floors. This process involves injecting resin into gaps between the surface of the concrete floor and its sub-flooring. Resin injection is typically done when there are large voids underneath concrete slabs that need to be filled with crack filler material before applying epoxy or paint coatings on top of them.